Contest Prep Training Style | Post Car Wrecks

It's been way longer than anticipated from stage but nonetheless I'm back in this thing called 'Contest Prep' Well more so in the heat of it...... Less than 5 weeks out to be exact. This will be my 10 or 11th show and I feel I'm starting to get a seasoned vet feel this. I know what I have to do and what needs to be done. Its crazy how differently I look at suffering and hunger now, hell even my thought processes on food. But that is another blog.

Now in the past year since relocating to Colorado I've had 2 pretty big car wrecks. And to be 100% honest, my body just isn't the same in certain respects. The second wreck caused some rather weird injuries to amplify and being in prep which translate to lack of rest. It's hard for things to heal and get corrected. Building a rehab program isn't going to happen right now. I've managed to limit the pain and I know my how much I can or cannot push it. It's managed to get better as I had found ways to strengthen it thru Isometrics but what I really need to do requires an offseason type of setting or phase for optimal recovery. At this point your probably curious about these injuries, which I will try and go thru quickly.

Injury #1 My left wrist.

Something weird happened in the second wreck because now holding a dumbbell in that hand feels very awkward. It gets locked up and cramps on back day or even when I drive. I really can't figure out the triggering cause. This will be looked at another time. I've got a bit of inflammation built up in my forearm now too. Also hitting back twice a week doesn't help either. LOL. As stated above. This will be looked at ANOTHER TIME.

Injury #2 Plantar Fasciitis

Now, it was worse before prep started but long story short when I was ejected into the back seat I had a weird sensation in my knee/hip area. Unfortunately squats and dead lifts are extremely difficult. The back of my knee doesn't feel very stable. This fall I'm going to totally spend some time re-learning and rebuilding my form and strength on those movements. Those are staple exercises I like a lot (when injury free) so I just want to get back to doing those regularly. Not the strongest in the world man in the gym just something consistent.

So all in all. It doesn't bother my training that much. I've just learned to Chase The Pump in a different manor. Tons of warm up Isometrics plus hella warm up reps. Often I'll start with something basic. Do 4X15-20 then I come back later in the workout and hit it with more strength and intensity i.e. 4x10. I have been throwing in a lot of 5X15 with 45-60 second rest FST-7 style just to really get blood flow in there. I find myself sometimes slowing things down and focusing on reps or putting myself under the clock. Supersets have been a frequent techniques too. I've been training alone since I've gotten to Colorado so I use all these different rep schemes and techniques to challenge myself and still get good workouts.

I would also like to say that this prep I am putting more of a mental process into training. I enjoy having it written down in my Notepad/Google Doc before I go to the gym. This allows me to not overlap or overstimulate certain movements and muscle groups. Prep brain can be repetitive at times and its important to break that up. Walking around with 'lead legs' is enough from the cardio. LOL. Let's not increase it with over taxation on the human muscular system.

Now, either its written it down myself or I log into my account on Feroce Iron Academy and pull a workout program in there. And if you haven't seen Seth Feroce's Iron Academy. I highly suggest you check it out. Tons of programs and workout routines galore with tons of instructional and tutorial information.

But only 5 more weeks til my first show of the year in San Diego. If your on the west coast or in the area please come by and check it out.

Until next blog ✌✌✌ For online contest prep or nutrition programs. If your in the Denver/Boulder area I do 1 on 1 training programs as well. E-mail me at Lamar

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