No Eggs in My Basket

As things really begin to pick up during prep, I had to make some changes to my diet. You look at 95% of competitors and they have tons of chicken and eggs on a meal plan, besides me. I don't like oatmeal either. This whole chicken and egg think may not be the kind of "byrd" for me.

The past few weeks I've been jotting things down in my food journal-- a typical prep thing I do. I began to notice that I would full in the morning even though I was hungry...... Bathroom wasn't exactly consistent.... and some days I was feeling flat or I should say "not as full" as I know I could be. So one day by default I skipped out eggs a few times and BOOM. Meal 2 and 3 went down easier and I was able to increase the calories I was able to have in those meals alone.

So instead of eggs in the AM. I have switched to Zero Percent Greek Yogurt. Either a Trader Joes brand or whatever is cheapest at King Soopers. I believe the change worked for several reasons. As I stated above no oatmeal. I'm a cream of wheat boy.

Below are just a few deciding factors and thoughts that went thru my head as I decided to completely eliminate eggs from my diet. These are also signs or indicators that other people should be paying attention too as well.

#1 My metabolism feels better since removing eggs from my diet and I'm able to digest more food thru out the day. #2 My body weight dropped a few pounds. I take this as my body actually got rid of the inflammation, water retention, and lack of digest the eggs caused me

#3 Better energy and pumps. Training at night the eggs didn't bother me too much but now I do notice that my mid day lifts are much better, stronger and energetic. Chase The Pump baby! Now this topic conflicting as this is the exact opposite of what I have in the past. I use to work for MuscleEgg and drink that shit for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But now I'm a few years away from that job and oddly enough eggs are no longer on the menu. There are No basket of eggs for this dude.

Stay tuned as I will continue to blog about more things as I get ready for the stage and touch on topics whether it be food/nutrition, training or just my point of view.

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