Food Blog at 14 Weeks Out from Nationals

Welcome to the food blog where I will be posting weekly peak at what I'm doing with my nutrition. Aside from my nutrition I will be giving other recipes and things to try with food. I will attempt to give an in depth look at why I'm doing things. Hopefully it can give people some help an inside on how to tweak their nutrition as well.

At 14 Weeks Out Right now from Nationals and I have a few goals with food and my physique. The goal is to be full and round right now. Get in as much last minute calories as possible as long as the scale isn't going up and changing too much. This is the weird part of prep where you are really hungry on high calories, you are phasing out the high sugary shit so you pile up the cleaner food yet sometimes you find yourself eating more than planned. Heres an off day for my food right now. All I did was walk the dawg for 25 minutes because I wanted to get outside and enjoy the weather. Sometimes a little stimulation is necessary to help with food digestion and appetite. Not in the fat burning stages just yet but everything is right around the corner.

And while were blogging, I should mention a food mistake I made last 2 weeks or so. Food prep fact 1101. Most food will be 10-15% of its weight, depending on the cut. Well for some reason I got in the habit of making 6oz Ground Turkey patties which afterwards cooked were probably 4.5oz. For some reason it didn't even hit me until one day I made a patty and thought to myself why is this so small. I rather this happen now oppose later in the process. This only went on for a short period of time.

I will say that in the morning I went a little sugar heavy and added in a muffin cause I wanted to but these won't be happening much more. Breakfast is always odd to me. I'm never super hungry so eat combinations of foods. I ate 3 whole eggs and then I prefer get the rest of my protein thru cream of wheat which has a bit when your getting 100g worth, and add a cup of Greek Yogurt.

Any questions about meal prep or how I'm doing things. Feel free to drop me an email at

Meal 1

3 Whole Eggs 15g Protein/15g Fat

0% Greek Yogurt w/Jelly side. 12g Protein/17g Carbs/2.5g Fat

16g Protein/90g Carbs/ Cream of Wheat

2 Muffins little Jelly

3g Protein/ 29g Carbs /1g Fat

46g Protein/137g Carbs/ 20g Fat


Meal 2

7oz. 99/1 Ground Turkey

2.5 Cups White Rice+ 1 Tbsp Olive Oil

50g Protein

110g Carbs

15g Fat


Meal 3

6.5oz Cooked 93/7 Lean Ground Beef 36P/18gF

1 2/3 Cup Jasmine Rice 60g Carbs- 6g Pro

48g Protein

65g Carbs

18g Fat


Greek Yogurt- Snack lol

2.5g Fat

17g Carbs

Protein 12g


Meal 4

6.5 Cooked Chicken

1 Salads 40g of Fat

1.25 Cup Brown Rice 7g Protein/ 60g Carbs/ 4g Fat

45g Protein

55g Carbs

50g Fat


Meal 5

7oz. 99/1 Ground Turkey

2.5 Cups White Rice

50g Protein

110g Carbs


Daily Totals

250g Protein

495g Carbs

105g Fat

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